El Periodico changes the design of its website

Jara BravoEl Periódico has put on a new design for his website. Although during the 35 years of history of the newspaper, have carried out transformations and innovations, this has been the first time that the readers have had a key paper in it. The followers of the newspaper have contributed ideas for the redesign, like achieve a tidier web organized into a hierarchy or make changes in the contents.

The result has beeCambio de diseñon a clear digital edition and divided by sections –on the left the hard news, to the centre the soft news and on the right there is the social networks, the opinions of the readers, the news of last hour and the advertising. To the half of the page, the newspaper shows to his journalist of the section of Opinion and to the lowest part of the web, we can find the most visual elements –videos or galleries of photos-, which thing has done to win leadership role to the web above others.

Also it is necessary to highlight a change in the typography, a lighter page and a greater importance to the participation of the readers, through spaces where express his opinion and the social networks that have begun to have an essential paper in the digital version of this newspaper.

Now well, as El Periódico this has not been a definite modification but that, little to little, will go applying all suggestions that the followers has been contributed, carrying out a process of improvement.


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