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Reuters Institute has observed an increase of the trend to the payment for the digital news in the last years

Jara Bravo- The Reuters Institute  has affirmed that it has increased the number of people that consult digital media of payment in the last years and it will continue increasing. As the Digital News Report 2013, study realized by this institution in base to a surveys in different countries, the Spanish have accepted to pay for a digital information or have considered to it in a future.

David Levy, director of the Instituto Reuters of visit in Madrid to announce the report, has explained that Spain stand out between the rest of countries because although the people here took more part in the actuality through Internet or of the social networks, “the big headend are weaker than in the networks of other countries”.

Levy, one of the foremost experts on the digital media, considers that this increase of the trend to the payment is the result of the “painful transition of the analog world to the digital”. The former journalist of the BBC is convinced that this transition doesn’t mean that the journalism is in crisis, since “if we were in front of a real crisis, anybody would want the product” and, instead, never the population had consumed so much information. Also he believe that the trend to think that Internet is guilty of the situation of the journalism is a mistake. “The network not only will not kill the journalism, but that it will turn into ours greater ally” affirmed categorically Levy and added that “the difficulties wouldn’t have to hide the opportunities of the online world”.

In addition, the director of the Instituto Reuters thinks that the digital media allow the journalism has a wider scope, a greater participation with the readers and reduce the costs to access to a concrete news. For all this, David Levy does not think that “the crises that affects to the profession was worse that the crises that affects to other industries”.



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