Media changes its trends

Jara Bravo- Reuters Institute has written a report that establishes a series of trends root of the study of the changes that have produced in different average, through surveys to several European, Asian and American countries.

Nic Newman, the author of the report, affirms that the element more relieving is the fact that increasingly people access to the information that offer the digital media through their smartphones or tablets, substituting to the written press as a form to consult the news in the free time. In spite of this, this process varies as the country: Germany and France still bend more for the traditional newspapers that no not the online news.

The report also has to show that the people younger than 35 years prefer to read the news through the webs or even for the social networks, especially countries like United States, Brazil or Spain. Instead, the adult population chooses the radio, the television and the written press, the media that have used all the life.

Another theme that appears in the report of the Institute Reuters has been the systems of payment that some traditional media are applying also to its digital editions. The dates have established that the people prefers to pay a subscription to a daily writing that not the online version. Despite this, the subscriptions for internet have been increased. For last, Newman thinks that the new trends of the average are the result to preserve what can take advantage of and abandon what not.


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