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European publishers Associations lean the drop of the VAT on digital press

Jara Bravo- The European publishers, members of the European Association of Publishers of Daily (ENPA) and the European Association of Magazines (ENMA), supported the descent of the VAT in the on-line media that has carried out the French government. The French digital media will have the same VAT (2,1%) than the printed editions, not like in Spain, where the VAT of the digital versions continues increasing.

All the associations related with the ENMA and ENPA have praised this initiative and have encouraged their governments to apply the same measure. The President of ENPA Ivar Rusdal has affirmed, statements compiled by El Mundo, that “now is essential for the future of the independence of the sector of press that the European Commission develops, without more delays, a proposal that allow to the states members apply the same tax of VAT to the digital press”.

This decision has been considered the start of a necessary change and a shape to help the media sector in crisis times. Also the traditional and on-line newspapers have showed their support to the project and ensure that “it will strengthen a sector of the press in Europe”.


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