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Increases the new news online companies in the last trimester 2013

voxIrina Barnés.- In less than three months, a huge amount of journalists have set up newest online news projects, including the following: “Project X”, with Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, Matt Yglesias i Dylan Matthews; “FiveThirtyEight”, owned by Nate Silver has added a total of fifteen journalists to its online editorial staff; “First Look Media”, from Pierre Omidyar, and, finally, Time Warner Cable has added Al Jazeera America to its line up in New York City.

Experts understand this issue as the confluence of differents facts, in wich we can find the free-agent talent of the journalists. We are not talking anymore about static editorials: journalists have also become a news item. This can be seen in the number of twitter followers from the main promoters of newest digital media.

Another fact that contributes to the emergence of new media is that digital content is accessible to everyone and that technology is even more perfect and cheaper. This, linked with the advantage that Internet gives us in terms of overcoming time barriers, leads to the emergence of more matured new news companies that are giving journalism and journalists back to the place they belong.



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