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The Washington Post has published the initiatives to be developed in 2014

Laura Aznar – The Washington Post has explained that the budget for this year will be used for the growth and for the digital transformation as the main objectives. The incorporation of the National Journal’s executive director, Adam Kushner, who will head a new project based on the comments and online analysis, has been the first news that the team announced . They also reminded that the journalist Fred Barbash is now working for the company after having been in Reuters, covering the activities of the White House and Congress. He will control the night staff so that readers will have the information in a comprehensive and attractive way every morning.

The newspaper also reported that Jim Tankersley, who is described as “one of the best economy writers ” will lead a digital initiative in which he will explain complex public policies and its impact on society. The Post is now hiring staff to define the team who is going to develop this project, without forgetting its strong investment in Wonkblog (and its derivative, KnowMore )

The Fix blog will also have new staff additions to continue with the online policy coverage. In fact, 5 additional reporters will be working in this blog. Moreover, the writers of the digital platform “Reliable Source“, Helena Andrews and Emily Heil, will be supported by a new member in the team, who will produce videos.

The Post explained that they will work harder in blogs to “deepen reports in traditional areas and expand the range of topics we cover”. In 2013 , the newspaper added  The Switch and GovBeat, which have become very popular and supplemented other political oriented blogs, like WorldViews and Wonkblog .

Finally , the team has revealed that the newspaper had been trying for a long time to redesign the digital space and improve the speed of the pages, navigation and overall experience of the reader. That is why there will be new staff working at night and creating a newsflash service , which will operate from 8 a.m until midnight.


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