Facebook creates a new mobile app to organise the news

Jara Bravo- Facebook Creative Labs, a team of the company Facebook centred in creating applications for mobile devices, has launched Paper, an application which divides links of newspapers by sections, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the famous social network. The aim of the new app is to organise and add news to compete in the same conditions with Twitter or Flipboard.

The creation of Paper is due to the hefty increase of the advertising revenue in the mobile applications, which are already above the profits generated by computers. In fact, recent studies ensured that in January of this year, out of 750 million people who logged into Facebook, two-thirds did it from a mobile phone.

In front of these last data, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, has given priority to mobile apps. He also wants to expand Internet with the smartphones in countries less-developed countries.


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