Pedro J. Ramirez’s new project El Universal

The former El Mundo’s director is developing a new informative webpage that can be accessed via smartphone. After having been dismissed from his workplace as head of the newspaper, Pedro J. Ramírez considers more than ever the chance of engaging in a project that would be named El Universal.

As soon as El Mundo newspaper modifies its usual publishing line, or changes its property, Ramirez is ready to launch his project. The delay is due to the fact that the departed director is not interested in competing with El Universal against El Mundo. For that reason, Pedro J. Ramírez is following with detail any movement that could take place at Unidad Editorial, which, on the other hand, seems to be getting ready for the release of this recent online newspaper.

Ramirez has already taken the first steps for the creation of this new platform, as the domain is already registered. Same thing happens with the journal’s name, which was registered years ago at the brands’ office. Everything leads to think that Pedro J. Ramírez will continue to structure his project until he spots the right moment to launch it.

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Pedro J Ramírez

Pedro J. Ramírez
Photo by: Jot Down


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