La Vanguardia replaces its management team these last months

Laura Anglès.- La Vanguardia has substituted almost entirely its executive unit in the last months. The drift towards sovereignty that has been adopted by the newspaper in recent years is, according to rumours, the cause of this transformation, and “moderation” is being pointed out as the journal’s new orientation.

By December Màrius Carol substituted the former director José Antich, at the same time María Dolores García, Miquel Molina, Enric Juliana and Álex Rodríguez were named the new assistant directors. Last 3rd of February it was reported that Isabel García Pagan, who used to be the political section’s manager and Llàtzer Moix, former chief editor, were to adhere the already deputies Manel Pérez and José Alberola.

New executive team meets with Earl of Godó.  Source: La Vanguardia

New executive team meets with Earl of Godó.
Source: La Vanguardia

Veteran José Antich had been the newspaper’s director for more than 13 years when Earl of Godó announced Carol’s designation and Antich’s resulting destitution, decision supported by 85% of the editorial members, according to a poll realized. Màrius Carol, who has been working at the company for 25 years, has previously been the Magazine’s director, the Royal House’s information chief, columnist and the Godó Communication Group’s manager.

Although these last years the newspaper has gained three positions on the most read ranking (from being the 6th to the 3rd most read journal), the stroll towards sovereignty embraced in the last few years was becoming an unusual bet for a newspaper with moderate readers. The tension accumulated in the managing team was culminated by the editorial published on the 27th of october “Who is afraid of the moderate?”, where the journal was notifying its imminent reconversion “When tension seems to prevail as a method and mood, the time has come to claim moderation”.


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