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Turkey deports a journalist for criticising the Prime Minister

Zeynalov being escorted by a police agent in the airport

Zeynalov being escorted by a police agent in the airport

Laura Anglès.- Azeri journalist Mahir Zeynalov, editor of the Turkish newspaper “Today’s Zaman” and Al Arabiya New’s columnist, was deported last Friday for publishing comments on his Twitter account talking about Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and similar high level authorities.

Relegated together with his wife of Turkish origin, Zeynalov has been included in a list of strangers who have the entry to the country forbidden because of the existent risk of their actuations “in detriment to public and political security, and against administrative requisites”.

“My deportation as a journalist and as someone who is married to a Turkish citizen constitutes the summit of what Erdogan’s government is able to do. This is also harming gravely Ankara’s international reputation”, declares the journalist who had already been object of the Prime Minister’s denunciation for some Tweets about the corruption outrage that made the Government stumble.

This assault against freedom of expression is produced in a moment when Turkey is cutting the already diminished rights of expression, especially since last Wednesday, with the approval of a law that regulates Internet and restricts communication media. Both European Union and communication media observers at a worldwide level are expressing their concern towards this issue. A Freedom House’s report highlighted last Monday the need of the Turkish Government to use authoritarianism in order to control the media.

Via: Al Arabya News


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