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The New York Times maintains its stability on account of the growth of online subscribers

Laura Aznar.- The New York Times’ printed version has ceased to produce great benefit; its digital readers are now sustaining the prestigious newspaper. The 2013 balance has been settled with a loss of almost 4% of the paper editions’ circulation, and a downfall of 6.3% on advertisement. The counterpart, though, has been an increase by 19% of the readers who pay to have access to online content.

The digital edition has prevented the 2013 incomes from being in red, according to what the company has informed. The 760.000 subscribers won thanks to the virtual sphere on the last year, -a considerable increase respect 2012, when there were up to 640.000 subscribers-, have provided a benefit of 65.6 million dollars. Nevertheless, 2012 cannot be taken into account as a reference, as, although that year registered a profit of 178 million dollars, it is also true that this figure was exceptional, generated by the sale of a web destined to a classified announcements where job offers could be found.

All in all, the system of paying to access digital content is starting to be profitable, and the advertising sector is losing its role as the principle economic motor of the journalistic industry. A possible explanation of why this is happening has been catered by researcher Norman Sims, who affirms “the journalist environmental conditions have changed, but journalistic art is still the same”. According to this premise, The New York Times preserves its success within the digital format on the grounds that the histories published are well written, they narrate properly the reality and present a differential trait because of the qualities of their videos.

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

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