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The Libération journalists protest against the newspaper’s transformation into a social network

Last Saturday's frontcover

Last Saturday’s frontcover

Jara Bravo.- Journalists of the French newspaper Libération, founded on 1973 by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, have aired their opposition towards the project of converting the journal in a social network. “We are a newspaper, not a restaurant, not a social webpage, no a cultural space, not a television study, not a bar, not a business incubator”, affirmed categorically last Saturday’s cover, which had the objective to portray the newspaper reporters’ indignation.

The Libération owners, who recently celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the journal, exposed through a letter their intention of varying the paper’s objectives and convert it into “a place of open exchange and accessible to anyone, journalists, artists, writers, philosophers, designers”. In order to achieve it, they manifested their intention of adapting part of their company in a “crossroad of all political, economical or cultural tendencies”.

The actionists think that these reorganisations will allow the company to recover from the sales’ loss and gain new inverters, so the newspaper can enhance it’s financial situation. Nevertheless, journalists consider that this project is far from Libération’s values, and that it would transform the newspaper into a brand.


Translated by Clàudia Arqués


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