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Bill Keller leaves the New York Times to create a new non-profit journalistic start-up

Bill Keller's picture in New York Times. By Todd Heisler.

Bill Keller’s picture in New York Times. By Todd Heisler.

Carolina Añaños.- Bill Keller, currently New York Times’ columnist, will quit the newspaper by March to become the chief editor of The Marshall Project, a new not-for-profit journalistic organisation addressed to covering the US criminal system.

During the three decades that Keller has dedicated to the New York Times, he has worked as a reporter -gaining a Pulitzer in 1989 for his international reports-, columnist, chief editor and executive editor. Under his direction, the New York Times has achieved 18 Pulitzers.

The journalist is excited with the “chance to build something from scratch”, and profoundly motivated because he has the intention to inform the public opinion about the US penal justice system which, according to his declarations is ” horrible and weirdly tolerated”.

“Bill has made so many contributions to The Times over his 30 years here, it’s difficult to quantify them”, stated Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., newspaper’s editor, highlighting Keller’s valuable job. Andrew Rosenthal, the editorial’s redactor, affirms that the former columnist will be missed, but that, at the same time, this is “an amazing opportunity”.

Foundations and individual donors, foreseeing a 5 million dollar per year budget, will finance the Marshall Project, which will be launched the second semester of this year.



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