El Punt Avui starts the arrangements for its TV channel


Signature of the contract. Source: ACN

Alba Barrionuevo.- El Punt Avui has agreed with Canal Català, to initiate a new television channel and improve its digital platforms.

The settlement, signed last Thursday, states that from the 1st of March, El Punt Avui will be the tenant of the television licences possessed by Canal Català, which cover half the territory and involve around 80% of the population. The purpose is to be able to emit, by the end of this semester, an own production, in order to be able to cover aspects that were not broadcasted.

This new channel’s content will be informative. Throughout gatherings, interviews and debates amongst other formats, El Punt Avui wants to offer its spectators the necessary tools to form their own personal view of day to day news. In the same way, this new channel will allow to emphasise two of the new permanent sections on the newspaper: Catalonia wants to live in freedom and Catalonia wants to live with dignity. Although the evening is expected to be the moment when the new Catalan channel will have more viewers, news will be continuously updated throughout the whole day.

The creation of this new mean of communication will also lead to improvements on the webpage of El Punt and El 9, as the subscribers and readers of these journals will be allowed to accede to the new channel’s content through their digital versions.

Source: El Punt Avui

Translated by Clàudia Arqués


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