New App for journalists developed: StillShot

Screenshot from Macadamia  Apps

Screenshot from Macadamia Apps

A new application devoted to journalists, which allows the creation of images from videos previously filmed on a mobile phone, appeared this week. It is a multimedia app for mobile phones -only for iPhones-, which enables to create screenshots of high definition videos.

With a cost of approximately 1€, Macadamia Apps company makes available to anyone who works in communication area this tool which will ease their job a great deal. The app works through a system that fragments the video in images, so they can be saved and later tweeted or posted on Facebook.

It is simple, intuitive and really helpful when it comes to conducting the coverage of events in the moment they are produced. It is also a tool that respects the original resolution of the video, permitting the images resulting to be uploaded on any social network, with the opportunity of expand them without deforming the pixels.


Translated by Clàudia Arqués


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