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United States descend on Press Freedom Index

Map of Press Freedom in the world. By Reporters Without Borders

Map of Press Freedom in the world. By Reporters Without Borders

Alba Barrionuevo.- Recent American espionage outrages have provoked an important plunge of the States on the worldwide Press Freedom Index, specifically a total of 13 positions.

The descent of the States to number 46th of the list has been one of the grandest in the world during last year. The motives have been the undercover activities and massive surveillance featured by the North American country.  Reporters Without Borders have pointed out without doubt that national security tends to do an abusive lecture of their needs, and this has a direct and negative repercussion on journalism, altering sometimes liberty of information by doing so. This privatization of freedom is against democratic principles defended by many countries, United States amongst them, although it is increasingly more frequent on our societies.

United Kingdom has also seen itself affected by national security. Constant governmental pressure in order to accomplish that media would not publish reports on British Intelligence has caused the country to dive to the 33rd position of the ranking, three places under its usual position.

On the other hand, Nordic countries continue to lead the index, specifically Finland on first place, followed by Netherlands, Norway, Andorra and Denmark, demonstrate in this way the respect towards press freedom in Northern Europe. The last positions are occupied by countries where media has absolutely no liberty at all, such as Turkmenistan, North Corea and Eritrea.

Translated by Clàudia Arqués


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