Facebook users create their own news webpage

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Alba Barrionuevo.- Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter use to be the first source of news for their users, who can see them regularly reflected in column form on the initial page.

While in a journal people have to choose and look for news of their interest, Facebook presents this work done. Through the users’ interactions and the people they follow, this platform creates a personalized principle page full of announcements and engaging interactions for the user. This provokes that, increasingly, people access newspapers’ information through Facebook or Twitter instead of using the gazettes’ homepage.

The problem of this personalized page lies in the fact that most statements are not strictly what is known as formal news. Someone can share a link with a friend, which leads to an event that took place long time ago, losing like this all the sense of current events that news must have. Furthermore, many of the things we share or show our interest in on Facebook are mostly emotive -both negative and positively-, setting aside the objective of transmitting information.

Although it is possible to create a homepage where only news and interactions from the best newspapers in the world appear, almost no one does it. The motive, as “The Atlantic” points out, is that the user thinks of this initial page as a reflection of what they would like to be, not as news’ source.

Source: The Atlantic

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

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