‘Libération’ director Nicolas Demorand resigns

Nicolas Demorand. Source: AFP

Nicolas Demorand.
Source: AFP

Georgina Boixereu.- Nicolas Demorand, head of the known French newspaper “Libération” since 2011, has left his workplace due to the internal crisis the journal is living, which has created a confrontation between editors and actionists.

This troublesome situation was initiated as a result of the actionists’ initiative to reconvert the gazette into a social network, and the building used for redaction into a cultural centre, in order to refinance the newspaper, which has been accumulating losses for a long period of time. This leadership was not well accepted by the 290 workers, who decided to defy a measure they not consider viable. Precisely viability, in economic terms, is what the actionists are looking for with this modification.

In the middle of this dilemma Nicolas Demorand has decided to quit and simplify the editors and actionists’ relationships so that this crisis can be resolved. On an interview granted to “Le Monde”, he affirms that “my decision is, on first place, dictated by the situation of these last days. “Libération” is going through an open crisis, I crystallize part of the debates, and I consider that it’s my responsibility as manager to give room for manoeuvre and negotiation to both parts”.

Source: Libération

Translated by Clàudia Arqués


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