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What does blogging add to journalism?

Paul Bradshaw

Paul Bradshaw

Laura Aznar – Paul Bradshaw, one of the principle experts in online journalism at a worldwide level, and founder of the digital platform Help Me investigate, has responded the FAQ: “What does blogging add to journalism?”. He has done this through The Online Journalism Blog, a project that comments, analyses and links every form of journalism that takes place on the Internet.

In a recent post, the author has been spinning around the thesis presented by a Dutch student, who concludes that blogs add little value to journalism. Bradshaw, on the contrary, explains that these virtual spheres are additional spaces to introduce people into journalism, offer them the opportunity to provide new information and suggest alternative ways of research. According to him, blogs build up a new type of relationship between the journalist and the source, different to the allowed by the standard formats. Traditional journalism is relatively limited, while digital spaces allow a wider range of options: you can share information, documents, updated images and pieces addressed to a more specific public than the television, radio and press target.

Bradshaw concludes his exposition trying to discover what future has in store for this new virtual journalism; to which he determines that it will suffer the same fate as journalism in itself: “As we learn what works, we’ll do more of it”. He also referred to the thesis of the Dutch student and points out that the only way of knowing how blogs boost the journalistic sector is asking professionals which impact have these had in their tasks.

Source: The Online Journalism Blog

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

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