Libération has no means to pay their journalists


Different Libération frontcovers

Jara Bravo.- French newspaper Libération, which, due to the recession, is losing 100 thousand euros per month and has a debt of 6.4 million Euros, has no funds to pay its journalists’ salaries this upcoming March. Furthermore, last Thursday the journal’s director, Nicolas Demorand, left his position because of the confrontations between actionists and editors, provoked by the decision made by the former of transforming the newspaper into a social network.

Bruno Ledoux and Edouard de Rothschild, principle actionists of the French gazette, have acceded to finance Libération only if their requisite of “transforming the headquarters into a cultural space and creating a social network around Libe firm” is accepted. Although this would be the solution, journalists are not going to put up with the conditions imposed because they consider them an attack towards the newspaper’s values.

An assembly and an editors ‘commitee, have filled the absence of the director. Both groups, despite giving voice to actionists, are also achieving to expound this crisis from the journalists’ point of view, transmitting their exasperation and their profound repudiation.

Source: Clases de periodismo,

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

Llegeix la versió en català


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