Antonio Caño will substitute current “El País” director due to political interests

 Javier Moreno, Juan Luís Cebrián and Antonio Caño. Source: Libertad digital

Javier Moreno, Juan Luís Cebrían i Antonio Caño. Source Libertad Digital>

Laura Aznar.- Libertad digital informed this Sunday that Juan Luís Cebrián, actual PRISA’s executive president will replace Javier Moreno, current head of “El País”. This decision, according to the editorial, is given by the friendship between Cebrián and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria, and specifically, the decisive roll the Government’s Vicepresident had on the refinancing of the group’s debt, which was one step away from failure.

The substitute of today’s director will be the USA correspondent, Antonio Caño. However, an error committed by this journalist when sending Cebrián an email could interfere in the operation. Vozpópuli has informed that Caño sent, by mistake, a mail to different journalists, where he criticised professional colleagues and announced the changes that will take place on the journal once he is leading.

One of the principle modifications he referred to, which is already accepted by PRISA’s president, is the replacement of Javier Casqueiro –National section’s head-, whose charge will be occupied by José Manuel Romero, who has an excellent relationship with Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón. Casqueiro will take up a place as contributor in Maghreb, replacing Ignacio Cembrero.

Once he realized his misstep, the journalist asked for everyone who had received his mail to erase it, but it was already too late. Changes proposed have not been well received amongst the journalists concerned, and they consider that Caños’ nomination has a clear ideological objective, which is becoming less and less critical with the current Government.

Despite the controversy, for now only the National section’s modifications have been made official.

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

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