Clarin Group will divide into six companies

Clarín Logotype

Clarín Logotype

Carolina Añaños.- Clarín Group, the biggest media conglomerate in South America, will divide into six independent companies after the Argentinean Autoridad Federal de Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual (AFSCA) has approved its adjustment plan. In this way, Clarín will not be able to “impose as an economic giant and monopolize to manipulate public opinion, and condition democracy”, claims Martín Sabatella, AFSCA’s president. The group’s means will be divided in the following new firms:

  • The first one will be composed by television channels of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Bariloche, TN, five capital radio stations, Córdoba and Mendoza, and the operation of Cablevisión in 24 cities where there is no incompatibility with open television.
  • The second company will be having five radio channels: from radio FM to Tucumán, Bariloche, Bahía Blanca and Santa Fe.
  • Another group will have 24 licences in the principle cities, including Buenos Aires and Córdoba.
  • Twenty Cablevisión licences will be attributed to a fourth assemblage.
  • Another congregation will be composed by the content signals of TyC Sports, TyC Max, El 13 Satelital, Magazine, Volver, Quiero Música and Rural.
  • The sixth and last firm will have the Bahía Blanca television channel and participation on another channel in Mendoza.

Clarín presented this planning last November 2013, after four years of disagreement with the Argentinean State, as it saw itself affected by the Law of Audiovisual Communication Services of 2009. From now on, Clarín has 180 days to transfer its workers, and 30 days to publish the new firms’ names.

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

Llegeix la versió en català


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