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Facebook acquires WhatsApp

Screenshot of Zuckerberg's Facebook message

Screenshot of Zuckerberg’s Facebook message

Clàudia Arqués.- Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator, has just announced on his timeline that his company is acquiring WhatsApp, which entire team will be joining gigantic social network. “Our mission is to make the world more open and connected. We do this by building services that help people share any type of content with any group of people they want” announces Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging service used by over 450 million people and with more than 1 million sign ups per day. “Over the next few years, we’re going to work hard to help WhatsApp grow and connect the whole world”, claims Facebook’s creator. A sub objective is to add efforts to, a partnership to extend basic internet services which are affordable for everyone.

“I’m looking forward to what Facebook and WhatsApp can do together, and to developing great new mobile services that give people even more options for connecting”, adds Zuckerberg on his Facebook wall.

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