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Online newspapers: credibility leaders

Laura Anglès.-  Newspapers’ digital versions and online journals are the most trustworthy media. So claims the First Online Media Communication Study, completed by Madison Company and presented a few days ago in Madrid, by IAB Spain. According to the data provided by the poll, this credibility is above the one set on radio online, forums and blogs, generalist portals and social networks, amongst many others. The results do not conclude here: evidence confirms that newspapers are also the most visited means of communication.

The poll was completed by a total of 1.003 people of different age ranges. The answers obtained have confirmed that social networks are the most visited webpages over any other channels, and also the ones checked more frequently. The report shows that 78.9% of users are connected for more than an hour a day to social networks, a 73.1% through forums and blogs, and a 67.1% go through communication media. Generalist portals have a 64.6% of users, and 60.7% go to online shopping.


The investigation’s responsible in IAB Spain’s board of Directors, Alberto San Agustín, affirmed during the presentation that the boom of reliability of communication media on the Internet “can be an opportunity both for advertisers as for the means themselves”. In this way, the study has also addressed the issue of online publicity, discovering that communication media have major power of prescription in front of other online supports. Computers are still the most used support to gain access to Internet, and smartphones are mainly used to access social networks, followed by communication media.

Source: La Vanguardia

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

Llegeix la versió en català


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