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Social Media Week Barcelona comes to an end


Social Media Week Poster
Source: Social Media Week

Alba Barrionuevo.- Today, 21st of February, the Social Media Week in Barcelona, which started last Monday with the topic: “The Future of Now: Always On, Always Connected”, has concluded. With a total of five days, the Social Media Week has examined social networks’ power, and how new technologies affect our lives, notably our relations.

The first weekday was dedicated to analyzing and deliberating marketing and trends. Tuesday, the topic was entrepreneurism and innovation, thus some time was dedicated to the most relevant projects that have seen the light this past year. Culture and society in real time were Wednesday’s theme, when the impact of social networks in both areas was discussed. People and organizations that wanted to share their point of view on networks had Thursday’s events to do so, as it was dedicated to parallel activities. Last but not least, today has been dedicated to the entertainment sector, and new ways of measuring audience.

Anyone who wanted to participate in the Social Media Week was able to do it freely, signing up on the webpage for the events they were interested in. Moreover, diverse social networks were kept up to date. Social Media Week Barcelona organizers are already thinking about outshine themselves in the next edition.

Source: Social Media Week Barcelona

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

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