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A worldwide breakdown blocks WhatsApp and Telegram

Breakdown in an interconnected world

Breakdown in an interconnected world

Laura Bernis.- Instant messaging service WhatsApp ceased to function this Saturday, 22nd of February 2014, at 19:00 (GTM +1), approximately, leaving its millions of users around the globe disconnected. In the same way, its alternative, Telegram, has also fallen flat due to saturation, as it was highly demanded after WhatsApp sudden failure.

Both communication systems offered intermittent service recuperations, but it was not until passed midnight when the situation has been normalized.

WhatsApp Company has received numerous complaints from users, but they have still not made public the system’s error causes.

All this comes right after Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s owner, bought the company at a price of 19.000 million dollars, declaring his objective of achieving a “major connectivity worldwide”. The announcement of the investment provoked a great movement on social networks like Twitter, which users, shortly after learning the news, were already speculating about the amount to be paid, and manifested their opinion on the topic under the hashtag “#WhatsApp for $16”. With the current breakdown, themes “WhatsApp” and “Telegram” are also Trending Topic in Twitter.

WhatsApp and Telegram are Trending Topic

WhatsApp and Telegram are Trending Topic

The news has removed the technological world, only a few days away from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the principal companies of the sector will present their novelties.

The acquisition of WhatsApp will be realized through a payment of 4.000 million dollars in cash, and the rest in Facebook actions. Seeing WhatsApp’s growth in user numbers -approximately one million users are signing up every day-, it seems possible that Facebook achieves one of its main objectives: to rejuvenate, and accomplish with this transaction, the Facebook goes back to being a social network used mainly by youngsters, which, in great part, have been avoiding it lately.

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

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