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FAPE asks Venezuelan Government to end with the information shutdown

Venezuelan citizen defending his rights

Venezuelan citizen defending his rights

Jara Bravo.- Federación de Associaciones de Periodistas d’España (FAPE) has urged the Venezuelan Government to override the censorship it imposed due to protests spreading around the country some weeks ago, and has expressed its support to journalists and communication means. “Press freedom is a fundamental right in a democracy, for which trying to cut it out is a great setback that brings the country near to dictatorial models”, the organisation reminds Maduro’s Government.

Marco Ruíz, general secretary of the Sindicato Nacional del Trabajador de Prensa de Venezuela (SNTP) has communicated that heavy police measures are being applies, many journalists and communication means have been victims of governmental attacks and informative material is being confiscated.

Moreover, the Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel) has prohibited any mean to inform about violent events taking place in the country because of the informative shutdown, which has obliged many newspaper’s owners to censor themselves. According to Ruíz, the citizens can only know what happens on the country through social networks.

Source: 233 grados

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