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A fake news website highlights the lack of rigor of some media

Laura Aznar.- Actualidad Panamericana, a portal that is scarcely a month and a half old, has revolutionized the whole Internet. The web, which defines itself as “a space for humorous criticism”, launched a series of fake news that have been widely spread. It already counts with more than 300,000 visits, and its growing influence has led to questioning the journalistic firmness of certain newspapers.

Even diverse communication professionals, who have tried to prove the news’ veracity, have taken some of the information the portal published into consideration. The main problem, though, appeared when some means accepted the facts without contrasting its authenticity. This is what happened some days ago, when Actualidad Panamericana unveiled a report where it affirmed that Colombian football player Jairo Castillo would sue Falcao Garcia for undue use of his nickname: “El Tigre”. This statement, absolutely false, spread around swiftly, and tenths of means of communication all over, such as OléEl ComercioInfobaePasión LibertadoresLa Gaceta, El Gráfico and A Bola Portuguese newspaper published said information.

These facts can seem amusing, but in the end, they question the tenacity and professionalism many journalists apply with their work, and even further, they challenge some mean’s credibility.



Logo of the website. Source: Actualidad Panamerica

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

Llegeix la versió en català


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