BBC defends the expansion of the canon bound to digital content

Jara Bravo.- Tony Hall, general BBC director, has defended the actual funding model, based on the obligatory canon, applied to the whole British public chain; he also believes this model should be applied to contents broadcasted through the Internet.
This measure would affect people with computers, tablets and smartphones, as they would have to pay the tax accorded between the Government and the BBC, which permits the chain to charge 176 annual euros to families with devices that allow watching BBC in Great Britain, to download digital content on its online platform iPlayer.

Tony Hall, BBC director

Tony Hall, BBC director

This tax has been the centre of a hefty debate and many critiques. Amongst these, BBC’s former president, Michael Grande, who has assured that with this tax the company has become uncontrollable and believes it should not expand to Internet. Hall has responded that the tax is “known and admired around the world”, and adds that “to maintain as a means of reference, it has to focus on digital content to fight against technological giants”, like Google and Apple.

The newspaper’s director believes it is the moment to modernize the agreement between the Government and the BBC, and include digital content in this canon, objective which will be attempted to reach on 2016, date of the arrangement’s renewal.

Source: La Vanguardia

Translated by Clàudia Arqués

Llegeix la versió en català


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