Surfing the media is a blog that aims to offer actual information about several digital media, observe the changes, analyse and compare them. The platform will be organised by the following way: we will divide our attention in three sections: Catalonia, Spain (which will be analysed through four media, two conventional and two “alternative”) and International. In the first section, we have chosen La Vanguardia, L’AraVilaWeb and El Singular. In the case of Spain, the media that we think are more interesting to follow are El PeriódicoEl Mundo,Público i Diario Crítico.

For last, the section of International will be divided in three zones. The first is Europe, in which would include France (Le Monde), United Kingdom (The Guardian) and Portugal (Diaro de Noticias) The second zone is Latin America, where would highlight Brazil (O Fohla of Sao Paulo), Mexico (El Norte), Argentina (Clarín). Asia and the USA are the last area and we will analyse The New York TimesThe Korea Herald and The Indian Times -these last in his English version-. The reason to chose these newspapers is to do an analysis that allow us to establish differences and similarities between digital rotary that apparently seem totally different.

The criterion that we have used to select the newspapers that will analyse has been the numeral of readers. But in the Catalan and Spanish case, as the aim goes further to choose the most read newspapers and pretend also to establish a comparative between the treatment of the news regarding the conventional newspapers and no conventional, we have not selected the four first rotary of the rànquin, in order to establish the alternative, have gone down a few stairs and have chosen two that have a volume of considerable readers, but that at any one time, were daily that differ of the of reference so much with the information that contribute how and with the differentiated treatment that make of the news.

The informations will be drafted in Catalan and English because our intention is that the contents would be accessible for the greater numeral of possible readers. The sources that will use to document us will be the websites of their own newspapers and several resources that have been studied in the subject of Journalistic Documentation.

In conclusion, during the next weeks we will try to contribute an information of quality of any event or change that could produce in the digital media chosen, as well as offer a comparison between the diverse Catalan and Spanish newspapers and analyse the distinctive and innovative shots of the international means.

Laura Aznar, Alba Barrionuevo, Jara Bravo,

Clàudia Arqués, Laura Bernis, Georgina Boixereu,

Laura Anglès, Irina Barnés, Carolina Añaños


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